вторник, 9 октября 2012 г.


Hello, my dear readers!
To get rid of melancholy mood it's sometimes useful to spoil yourself a little bit and buy some lovely knick-knacks or make-up stuff, that will make you feel much better as well as look much more self-satisfied and beautiful:)
I want to show you some really lovely newcomers of my make up bag:)
Osis 2-Phase curl cream. A really amazing thing for those, who want their hair to be  curly without crisp effect

Spice solid shampoo, which smells fantastic and a cherry shower jelly, which is incredibly difficult not to eat:)

Two lip balms, which smell like a chocolate bar and a banana. They are also so sweet!

Healthy balance bourjois powder for mat and healthy skin

This is an absolutely gorgeous nail polish, which has a deep navy blue colour of the night sky. I'm  in love *_*

Thank you for your attention, have a nice day everybody <3

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  1. Цвет лака просто фантастический!!! :)

    1. спасибо, Анна) мне он тоже очень по душе!)